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Return To Scotstoun

VP-Glasgow will be returning to Scotstoun on Tuesday the 12th of August.

Knightswood, Nethercraigs and Crownpoint have been excellent hosts but it'll be great to get back to Scotstoun.

Hopefully everyone will find their way back after the extended break.

Remember, we will have a lot of new starts coming down to the track, please be patient and help them learn the track etiquette so as to avoid any incidents.


SVHC. 5ml. Road Race.
 Wed. 04-06-14.
 Andy Law          44th.     3rdV55.      31:31.

 Strathclyde 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 21-06-14.
 Erin McIlveen      8th.     1stLady.      18:50.
 Tom Ord             19th.     2ndV55.     20:45.

 West Highland 96ml Race.
 Sat. 22-06-14.
 Milngavie to Fort William.
 Mark Ashby         55th.     6thV50.     22hr. 45m. 34s.

 SVHC. 5k Championships.
 Wed. 25-06-14.
 Andy Law            29th.     6thV55.    18:31.
 Clair Thompson  31st.     4thLady.    18:44.

 Calderglen 10k Trail Race.
 Fri. 27-06-14.
 Tom Ord            59th.     3rdV55.      45:49.

 Pollok 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 28-06-14.
 Damien Moore   27th.                          20:06.
 Emma Kay          120th.    14thLady.     23:50.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 28-06-14.
 John Law           2nd.     1stU17.        17:30.

 Springburn 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 05-07-14.
 Lynn Doherty     51st.     14thLady.     29:10.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run. 
 Sat. 05-07-14.
 Lucy Gardner     123nd.    1stU14Girl.   30:51.

 Springburn 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 12-07-14.
 Gavin Wright      9th.     3rdV45.     19:50.
 Blayne Wright    16th.    1stU10.     22:20.
 Tuscany Wright  42nd.   1stU10girl.  28:33.

 Tollcross 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 12-07-14.
 Nathan Merchant    6th.     1stU17.     20:09.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 12-07-14.
 Ashling McGhee       15th.     1stLady.     19:23.
 Emma Kay                 36th.     6thLady.     21:47.

 Pollok 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 19-07-14.
 Ralph Connolly         12th.     3rdV45.     19:17.

 Springburn 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 19-07-14.
 Gavin Wright             4th.     2ndV45.     19:54.
 Blayne Wright           12th.   1stU10.      21:40.
 Valencia Wright        22nd.   1stU10Girl 23:26.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 19-07-14.
 Paul Harper                7th.      1stU17.    17:33.
 Fraser McDonald       31st.     1stU14.     19:59

  Kenny McVey                                                                                                                              



Commonwealth Games 2014Beth Potter

Congratulations to all of our athletes who represented Scotland at the Commonwealth Games and made us all feel very proud.

Jax Thoirs was fourth in the Pole Vault with a height of 5.45m, setting a new Scottish Native Record, breaking the one he set two weeks ago in the Diamond League at Hampden.

Beth Potter was fifth in the 10,000m final in a personal best time of 32.33.36 and 9th in the final of the 5,000m in a personal best time of 15:44.72.  Beth will now go on to represent Team GB at the European Championships.

Susan Partridge was 6th in the Marathon with a time of 2:32.18, just two seconds outside of her personal best.

Ray Bobronicki Juliet and Usainwas 9th in the High Jump final with a height of 2.21m.
Dianne Ramsay ran the second leg of the 4 x 400m relay team that set a Native Record for the event with a time of 3:33.91.

Congratulations also to our officials who played some key roles in organizing events in track and field, our members who gave their time to support the games as Clydesiders and especially Juliet Gold who landed the best job of them all as kit carrier to Usain Bolt.

It's been great fun but everything returns to normal when we return to Scotstoun on Tuesday the 12th of August.


Queens Baton RelayBobby Quinn

Victoria Park was well represented on the Queens Baton Relay as it travelled throughout the city on it's way to Celtic Park for the opening ceremony.

Bobby Quinn, a life member of the club who still assists at our annual MacAndrew Road Race was given the honor of carrying the baton along 200 meters of Paisley Road West on Tuesday the 22nd on July.  Bobby who is now 85 failed to match his pb of sub 11 seconds but thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Needless to say, Bobby was accompanied along the route by his proud sons, daughter, grandchildren and friends and parishioners from his church, Our Lady & St George in Penilee.

Bobby's three Scottish Championship winning relay medals are within our display cabinet at Scotstoun along with his Scotland vest from his heyday in the 1950's.

Also Hugh Barrowcarrying the baton along Kinfauns Drive, Glasgow on Monday the 21st of July was our past president Hugh Barrow.  Hugh was club president from 1972 - 1977 and again from 1986 - 1992.  Hugh first joined the club in 1958 and didn't hang up his spikes until 1993.

Hugh still features in three of our club records, the 4x400 yards relay time of 3:18.6 which was set in Glasgow on the 18th of May 1968, the 1600 meters medley time of 3:23.7 which was set in Glasgow on 24th May 1969 and the 1 mile medley time of 3:23.1 which was set in Liverpool on the 5th August 1967.

Hugh has remained very active and was a very successful secretary of Glasgow Hawks rugby club from 1997 to 2007.

Also involved in the event was the late Ronnie Whitelocks family. Sadly Ronnie passed away in December 2012 but he would have been immensely proud to see his granddaughter Fiona McCartney carrying the baton along Drymen Road, Bearsden on Saturday the 19th of July.

Also presentThe Whitelock family in the picture (right) are Ronnie's son Donald, his daughter Elspeth and their families.

Ronnie won many Scottish Championships and was a Great Britain international.

1957 was probably his best year on the track, winning gold at the Scottish Championships over 100 yards with a time of 9.8 seconds, winning gold in the 4x110 yards relay, competing for Scotland and competing for Great Britain against Russia at White City.  The latter earning him life membership of Victoria Park.

Several of Ronnie's trophies are within our display cabinet at Scotstoun where his running spikes and starting blocks have pride of place.

I know there were many others who had the privilege of carrying the baton, congratulations to everyone involved.


Ray Bobrownicki is our latest club hero. Representing VP Glasgow in the Scottish Ahletics League Division 2 competition at Grangemouth on Sunday 13 July, he was up against fellow Commonwelth Games high jumpers David Smith (Giffnock North) and Allan Smith (guesting), Ray Bobrownickiboth of whom had taken part in the Diamond League at Hampden. They were all chasing last minute European Championship qualification as well as a final work out before the Games, and David's League record of 2.17 was an added incentive. That fell as all three soared over 2.10, 2.15 and 2.20. Ray was leading as the bar went to 2.24, but David leapfrogged him with an earlier clearance, raising his arms in triumph. At the new Euro qualifying height of 2.28, however, Ray was the only one to clear, with a superb determined effort, typical of his confident demeanour throughout the afternoon, and he celebrated with a leap in the air that was almost as high. He then had a brave go at Geoff Parsons's Scottish National Record of 2.31, but this height, 9cm above Ray's previous best, proved to be over the limit. His 2.28 is the best ever by a Scot on home soil, tying Parsons's silver medal height at the Edinburgh Commonwealth Games of 1986. It will go forward for ratification, but more importantly Ray now has the qualifier for Zurich, so let's hope the British selectors take heed.
How can we follow such a great athletic display? Not easily, but our Men's team did their very best, winning their match by a thumping 60 points from Pitreavie, with title chasers Shettleston a further 13 points behind (pending final results check). We had 16 athletes on parade, too many to detail individually, but apart from Ray, Calum Innes, back from Canada, cracked the Division record in 110m Hurdles with 14.44 secs, though assisted by a wind of +3.2. He felt he might have beaten his pb of 14.20 but for a stumble over the last hurdle. We took maximum points from A & B wins in the 400m Hurdles (David Martin 52.80 secs and John Mulhern 59.89) and in the Pole Vault (Sam Adams and Jamie Sinclair, back from USA, both 4.20m). Other A winners were David Martin (400m, 50.38secs) and Alex Lewis (Javelin, 38.05m). Our 4x400 relay team won again, while our 4x100 team was pipped by Pitreavie by a mere 3 hundredths, Scotland's top sprinter Ryan Oswald just getting the better of Jamie Sinclair in a thrilling finish, where we posted a time 4 hundredths faster than our Scottish Championship win on 15 June. It was good to welcome young athletes competing for the first ime in the Men's League - Chris Boyle, Fraser Glass, Craig Jardine and David Wilson, all of whom earned valuable points. Thanks also to Jim Harvie and Ken Gray, who joined me in performing the official match duties without which we are not able to compete in these matches. Also good to see a number of coaches, parents and supporters there to cheer us on. 
The last, deciding match is at Scotstoun on 30 August . We may not have so many stars on show, but must do well again to stay in the top two promotion spots. Top three contenders are Shettleston 25, VP Glasgow 22 and Pitreavie 21. Keep that date free!
Hugh Stevenson, Team Manager    



Edinburgh Marathon.
 Sun. 25-05-14.
 Mark Ashby           284th.     17thV50.     3:07.39.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 07-16-14.
 Rab Daly                  81st.      2ndV70.     23:54.
 Cara Thom             105th.   4thU14Girl.   25:40.

 Bushy Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 07-06-14.
 Abby McGhee            8th.      1stLady.      17:14.

 Strathearn Marathon.
 Sun. 08-06-14.
 Gerry Craig                 9th.     7thV40.     3:00.51.

 Vale of Leven 10k.
 Sun. 08-06-14.
 Duncan Thomson       28th.     10thV40.     36:10.
 Alison Kerr                  68th.     5thLady.     39:08.
 Donna Finlayson         74th.     6thLady.     39:33.
 Christine Catterson   263rd.     3rdLV50.    56:15.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 14-06-14.
 John Law                    1st.     17:09.
 Rab Daly                   86th.    2ndV70.     23:31.

 Kirkintilloch 10k.
 Thu. 19-06-14.
 Clair Thompson       42nd.     5thLady.     39:41.
 Andy Law                 46th.     2ndV55.      39:53.     


Scotstoun Closure

Scotstoun will be closed from 1st July until 12th of August for the Commonwealth Games.

Alternative training venues have been arranged.

The U11 and U13 training groups coached by Martin, Janet, Tom, Theresa, Tricia, Sharon and Christine will train on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Knightswood Secondary School.  The sessions are from 7pm till 8.30pm and access to the venue is via the entrance on Anniesland Road.

The U13 group coached by Trish Little will train on Tuesdays at Nethercraigs Track - 355 Corkerhill Road.  The session is from 7pm till 8.30pm.

The U15 training group coached by Lynn and Alan will train on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Knightswood Secondary School.  The sessions are from 7pm till 8.30pm and access to the venue is via the entrance on Anniesland Road.

The Disability training group coached by Gordon, Sharon, Shanaz and Linda will train on Wednesdays at Knightswood Secondary School.  The session is from 7pm till 8.30pm and access to the venue is via the entrance on Anniesland Road.

The Hurdles training group coached by Moira will train on Thursdays at Knightswood Secondary School.  The session is from 7pm till 8.30pm and access to the venue is via the entrance on Anniesland Road.

The Endurance group coached by Charlie, Jim, Jason, Rab, Jan, Fiona and Isobel will train on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Nethercraigs Track - 355 Corkerhill Road.  The sessions are from 7pm till 8.30pm.

The U17 and U20 groups coached by Andy MacKinnon and John Wilson have also been displaced.  You should contact the coaches for more information.


New Training Tops

Our new Nike training tops and Hoodies are now in stock at Achilles Heel in Great Western Road, Glasgow.

The new training tops bear the logos of both of our sponsors, Achilles Heel and McKnight Financial.

They're modelled in the attached pictures by our athletes while training at Scotstoun Stadium.

Thanks to Gregor Innes for the quality images, a selection of the pictures can be seen at the following links.

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8, Image 9.

The prices hadn't been announced when the website was updated but a call or visit to Achilles Heel will satisfy your curiosity.

Contact details for the shop can be found on the Achilles Heel website at this link.

Our Hoodies are once again supplied by Nike and are £25 for all childrens sizes and £32 for adult sizes. 

A full stock of hoodies are currently available. 

For those who haven't visited the shop before it's at 593 Great Western Road, Glasgow, you must go in, the staff are marvelous. 



Youth Development League – U13 and U15

The 2nd Match of the Scottish Division 1 competition was held at Kilmarnock on Sunday the 1st of June.  VP-Glasgow finished in 7th place overall.

The best performances were as follows:

Joshua O’Hare was 1st in the 300m with a time of 38.79s and Ruaridh Scott-Brown was 1st in the Javelin with a distance of 30.41m.

James Stewart was 1st in the High Jump with a height of 1.75m and Kirsty Elliot was 1st in the Long Jump with a distance of 4.76m.



Youth Development League

Match 2 was held on Sunday the 1st of June at St Mary’s College, Spinkhill.  Team Glasgow finished in first place on the day and are now top of the league.

The best performances were as follows:

Ross Maxwell was 1st in the 100m with a time of 10.88s and 1st in the 200m with a time of 21.79s.

Alexander Lewis was 3rd in the Javelin with a distance of 38.17m and 3rd in the triple jump with a distance of 13.17m.

Marcus Morton was 3rd in the High Jump with a height of 1.85m and Mhairi Patience was 2nd in the 400m Hurdles with a time of 62.02s.

Holly Morgan was 1st in the Discus with a distance of 29.69m and 1st in the Javelin with a distance of 27.80m.

Bethany Buchanan was 3rd in the 300m Hurdles with a time of 47.88s.




Match 2 was held at Philippa MillageDerby on Saturday the 8th of June.  VP-Glasgow did well on the day, finishing fifth overall.

The best performances were as follows:

Philippa Millage finished 1st in the 800m with a time of 2:06.52 and Danielle Beattie was 1st in the 2,000m Steeplechase with a time of 7:23.49.

Chloe Lambert finished in 2nd place in the 400m with a time of 56.54 and Mhairi Patience was 2nd in the 400m Hurdles in a time of 61.54s.

Nikki Manson finished 2nd in the High Jump with a height of 1.65m.

The 4x400m relay team of Julie Dobbin, Chloe Lambert, Mhairi Hendry and Philippa Millage finished in 1st place with a time of 3:47.89.



Announcing Our New Sponsor - McKnight Financial

McKnight Financial is a Glasgow based Independent Financial Adviser firm, formed in 2009 by principal adviser and director Graham McKnight, that offers clients a "Private Client” service.

After 20 years McKnight Financialworking for RBS in financial services, Graham made the decision that in order to continue to provide the highest level of customer service and advice that he would need to provide these services under his own brand.  McKnight Financial has now grown to a team of five, working from their head office in Central Glasgow.  

With an excess of 70 years financial services and business experience, the team at McKnight Financial develops long lasting relationships with clients by sharing the passion and drive they have for 1st class service delivery.  With clients located across the UK, the team work tirelessly to provide structured and tailored advice and stewardship.

No individual is the same, therefore each of us has highly specific financial planning needs. Clients benefit from an intimate relationship with their Financial Adviser that develops longevity and trust enabling clients to have confidence that their longer term planning is being looked after by someone that knows them well and understands their specific requirements. 

Victoria Park hopes to have a long and successful partnership with Graham and his team at McKnight Financial.  New training kit bearing the new logo is already at the printers and should be available by the middle of June.



Helensburgh 10k.
 Thu. 15-05-14.
 Alex Potter                  63rd.     6thV50.     37:59.
 Donna Finlayson         77th.     5thLady.    38:41.
 Lynn Doherty              673rd.                      60:54.

 Monklands Half Marathon.
 Sun. 18-05-14.
 Gerry Craig                  9th.       3rdV40.     1:25.34.
 Edinburgh 10k.
 Sat. 24-05-14.
 Damien Moore             41st.                       42:11.

 Edinburgh 1.5k Junior Run.
 Sat. 24-05-14.
 Blayne Wright              3rdBoy.     5:38.
 Valencia Wright           3rdGirl.     5:55.
 Tuscany Wright            58th.         7:42.

 Mull Of Kintyre Half Marathon.
 Sun. 25-05-14.
 Andy Law                      3rd.      1stV50.      1:28.56.

 Dumbarton 10k.
 Thu. 29-05-14.
 Duncan Thomson        44th.     14thV40.     35:34.
 Alex Potter                  84th.     9thV50.       38:23. 
 Donna Finlayson         91st.     7thLady.      38:33.
 Clair Thompson          97th.     9thLady.      38:53.
 Christine Catterson    285th.   7thLV50.      45:18.
 Lynn Doherty              678th.                        59:37.

 3k On The Green.
 Fri. 30-05-14.
 Mark Ashby                 11th.                         10:45.

 Glasgow 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 31-05-14.
 Clair Thompson           32nd.     2ndLady.     20:09.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 31-05-14. Rab Daly                      85th.     2ndV70.       23:58.

Kenny McVey



Scottish Men's League, 2nd match, Aberdeen, Sun 18 May 2014
Well done to the seven athletes who did the club so proud at Aberdeen. They produced a great team effort, sometimes competing in unfamiliar events to lead the contest for most of the afternoon, only to slip to 3rd in the tightest of finishes, Shettleston 278pts, Whitemoss 277, VPG 274, Pitreavie 243 occupying the top 4 spots. Now after 2 matches we trail Shettleston but share 2nd spot on 13 league pts with Pitreavie, Whitemoss and Giffnock North.

Showing spirit like this in the remaining 2 matches will surely give us one of the coveted promotion places. Go to it, lads!

Here's how our heroes scored on a good day for athletics, with only a headwind causing some problems for the sprinters: Martin Hayes 46pts (2nd 800m, 2nd 1500m, 2nd steeplechase, 1st 4x400m); Paddy Clark 45pts (1st 400 Hurdles, 1st B 400m, 3rd 4x100m, 1st 4x400m); John Mulhern 45pts (2nd 110 Hurdles, 1st B 400 Hurdles, 2nd B 200m, 3rd 4x100m, 1st 4x400m); Steven Beattie 42pts (4th 400m, 4th Shot, 2nd B Discus, 3rd B 100m, 1st 4x400m); David Clark 37pts (2nd 100m, 4th 200m, 2nd B Shot, 3rd 4x100m); Alexander Lewis 35pts (3rd Long Jump, 3rd Triple Jump, 5th Discus, 3rd 4x100m); Mark Revie 24pts (3rd High Jump, 1st B Long Jump).

Each club must provide 3 officials to allow the athletes to compete, and these were Hugh Baillie, Hugh Stevenson and recovering distance runner David Vernon.

Mark your diaries for the last 2 matches, Grangemouth 13 July and Scotstoun 30 August.

Hugh Stevenson



BUPA Womans 10k.
 Sun. 11-05-14.
 Susan Partridge             1st.     33:35.
 Clair Thompson           13th.     39:52.
 Nicola Gunnella           21st.     41:28.

 Glasgow 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 17-05-14.
 Alistair Douglas            11th.     1sV50.     18:48.
 Ralph Connolly              21st.     3rdV45.    19:11.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 17-05-14.
 Duncan Thomson          3rd.      2ndV45.     18:00.
 Abby McGhee                4th.      1stLady.     18:26.
 Andy Law                      10th.      1stV55.       19:05.
 Ashling McGhee          14th.     2ndLady.     19:34.
 Rab Daly                        88th.     1stV70.       24:50.

 Springburn 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 17-05-14.
 Lynn Doherty               33rd.     8thLady.      33:16.

 Clydebank 10k.
 Thu. 22-05-14.
 Duncan Thomson        32nd.     10thV40.     35:23.
 Alex Potter                   72nd.     10thV50.     38:00.
 Donna Finlayson          82nd.     3rdLady.      38:38.
 Clair Thompson            91st.       6thLady.     39:11.
 Lynn Doherty                626th.                         58:40.

 Glasgow 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 24-05-14.
 Clair Thompson              34th.     2ndLady.     20:14.
 Spring 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 24-05-14.
 Lynn Doherty                   27th.     7thLady.     28:51.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 24-05-14.
 Rab Daly                            71st.     4thV70.       24:13.

Kenny McVey


Youth Development League

VP-Glasgow athletes had some excellent performances while competing for Team Glasgow on Sunday the 27th of April.

Team Glasgow finished in 2nd place overall with 637 points behind Edinburgh who had 750 points.

Ross Maxwell had a great day, finishing 1st in the Long Jump with a distance of 6.96m and 2nd in the 100m with a time of 11.07s.

Euan Urquhart was 1st in the 800m with a time of 2:02.29, 1st in the 1500 m Steeplechase with a time of 5:04.91 and 3rd in the Long Jump with a distance of 5.62m.

Mhairi Patience was 1st in the 200m with a time of 26.24s and 2nd in the 400m Hurdles with a time of 65.72s.

Robbie Barr was 1st in the 400m with a time of 51.70s.

Katie Ord was 1st in the Javelin with a distance of 29.50m and 2nd in the Discus with a distance of 32.15m.

Holly Morgan was 2nd in the Shott Putt with a distance of 9.77m and Emma Thompson was 2nd in the Javelin with a distance of 21.20m.


Scottish RecordJax Thoirs

Jax Thoirs achieved a new pb and a Scottish record in the pole vault.

Jax was competing in the Ken Shannon Invitational meeting in Seattle when he cleared an incredible 5.60m. 

Congratulations to Jax, hopefully he can improve on the record once more at Hampden in July.

Jax is currently studying at Washington State University.


Youth Development League

VP-Glasgow had one of our worst days in the YDL on Sunday the 4th of May at Grangemouth.  Finishing 7th on the day with only 345 points.Adam Boyle

Our best performances are listed below.

Holly Little was 1st in the U15 1500m with a time of 5:02.24.

Nicola Brechany was 2nd in the U15 300m with a time of 44.09s.

Gavin Wilson was 1st in U13 High Jump with a height of 1.30m and 2nd in the 75m Hurdles with a time of 13.38s.

Adam Boyle was 1st in the U15 Javelin with a distance of 37.57m.

Mairead Connelly was 3rd in the U13 Long Jump with a distance of4.05m and Grace Thompson was 2nd in the Shot Putt with a distance of 6.29m.

Club Record4 x 400m Relay Team

Congratulations to our womans 4 x 400m relay team who broke the club record while competing in the Division 1 match of the UKWAL at Lee Valley in London on Sunday the 11th of May.

The team of Erin McIlveen, Chloe Lambert, Phillippa Millage and Dianne Ramsay set a new club record of 3:44.32 when finishing first in the 4 x 400m.

The previous record was 3:44.72 and was set at Grangemouth in 2003 by Lisa Whigham, Alison Reid, Jennifer Ward and Lesley Clarkson.


 Strathclyde 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 03-05-14.
 Ralph Connolly                12th.     2ndV45.     18:38.
 Thomas Connolly            32nd.     1stU14.      20:39.
 Robyn Connolly               39th.     1stU17G.    21:17.
 Valencia Wright              44th.     1stU10G.    21:37.

 Tolcross 5k Park Run.
 Emma Kay                       21st.     1stLady.      21:07.

 VictoriaPark 5k Park Run.
 Colin Rae                        45th.     6thV45.       22:00.
 Maggie Sinclair               84th.     1stVL60.     24:38.

 Walter Ross 10k. (SVHC)
 Sun. 04-05-14.
 Pollok Park.
 Rab Daly                         36th.      50:52.

 Scottish 5k Championships.
 Wed. 07-05-14.
 Peter Jardine                   154th.     29thV40.     19:30.
 SVHC Snow Ball Race.(4.8mls)
 Coat Bridge.
 Tom Ord.                           25th.     3V55.      24:48.

 Glasgow 5k Park run.
 Sat. 10-05-14.
 Alistair Douglas                13th.     2ndV50.     18:44.
 Ralph Connolly                  18th.     2ndV45.     19:00.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Chris Sheridan                   30th.                       21:26.
 Rab Daly                            79th.     2ndV70.    25:03.

 Tollcross Park 5k Park Run.
 Blayne Wright                   11th.     1stU10.        22:04.
 Valencia Wright                16th.     1stLady.       22:54.

 Strathclyde 5k Park Run.
 Tom Ord                            32nd.    3rdV55.        21:46.

 Springburn 5k Park Run.
 Lynn Doherty                    100th.    19thLady.     29:18.   

Kenny McVey



Commonwealth Games Tickets

Scottish Athletics Clubs have been offered the opportunity to apply for tickets to attend the Commonwealth Games at Hampden.  The tickets are only available in blocks of ten and are in short supply.
The Club is offering Glasgow 2014the tickets to coaches, officials, team managers and committee members at a discounted price.  It would be a fitting reward for your efforts on behalf of the club. 
Before we apply for blocks of tickets, we need to be sure there is a demand.  Can any interested coaches, officials, team managers or committee members notify the club secretary of your interest as soon as possible to allow him to apply for tickets.
If enough interest is generated, we'll apply for tickets on behalf of the club.  If we’re oversubscribed, we’ll have a ballot before allocating the tickets.
The sessions under consideration are:
The evening session on Friday the 1st of August – best seats are £60, reduced to £45 for our helpers.
The evening session on Saturday the 2nd of August – best seats are £90, reduced to £70 for our helpers.
Please notify the club secretary as soon as possible.



Glasgow 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 19-04-13.
 Ralph Connolly                 19th.     3rdV45.     19:08.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Erin McILveen                    9th.     1stLady.     18:49.
 Neil Hicky                           24th.    3rdV45.     20:10.
 Fraser McDonald             31st.     1U14.         20:42.
 Colin Rae                            51st.     6V45.         21:42.
 John McDonald                66th.     3U17.         22:52.
 Rab Daly                          100th.     1stV70.      24:44.

 3k On The Green.
 Fri. 25-04-14.
 Emma kay                         13th.     1stLady.      11:45.
Highland Fling. (53mls)
Sat. 26-04-14.
 Milngavie to Tyndrum.
 Gerry Craig                       29th.     12thV40.     9h. 29m. 27s.
 Mark Ashby                    138th.     16thV50.    10h. 29m. 27s.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 26-04-14.
 Peter Jardine                     14th.     3rdV45.     19:42.
Joe Doyle                           33rd.     1stV60.      21:07.
 Colin Rae                          42nd.    6thV45.     21:43.
 Rab Daly                           89th.     4thV70.     25:33.

 Crinan Canal Puffer Race. (8.5mls.)
 Sun. 27-04-14.
 Andy Law                             8th.     1stV50.     53:44.

 Balfron 10k.
 Sun. 27-04-14. Damian Moore                   70th.     43:19.      

Kenny McVey       



Scottish Women’s Athletic League Match 1
Well done to all the girls and women who take part in the first outdoor match of the year in Aberdeen on Easter Sunday 20th April. A big ask for all the clubs involved to get athletes available for this and VP-Glasgow finished a creditable 6th place, with several athletes covering some of their less favoured events.
Some top 3 finishes were : -
u13 - Grace Thomson 3rd in A Shot Putt,
u15 - Kirsty Elliot 2nd in B 100m, Jade Henry 3rd in A Hurdles, Nicola Brechany 3rd in A 800m and Amy Bissett 2nd in B, Holly Little 2nd in A 1500m,
u17 Regan Binnie 3rd in 300m and 2nd in B High Jump
Senior - Juliet Gold 3rd in B 100m and 2nd in B 200m, Mhairi Hendry 3rd in A 400m, Philippa Millage 1st in A 800m, Mhairi Porterfield 1st in A Hammer, 2nd in A Shot Putt and 1st in B Javelin, Clair Cameron 3rd in A Discus, Holly Morgan 2nd in B Discus, 1st in B Shot Putt and 3rd in A Javelin, 4 x 100m relay 3rd, 4 x 400m 2nd.
Christine Scott



Scottish Athletics League, First Match, Grangemouth, Sunday 20 April 2014
Our men's team made a rather disappointing start to their attempt to get back into Division 1 after relegation last year. Again it was the gaps in the team, particularly in middle distance (only one athlete) and vertical jumps (none) that let us down, and we finished 4th on 194 points, behind Shettleston, Giffnock North and Pitreavie.

The nine athletes David Clarkwho took part performed creditably, new recruit Alexander Lewis being our top scorer, with 38 points from 1st in Javelin (pb of 37.77m), 2nd in Long Jump (pb of 5.99m) and 5th in Triple Jump (10.75m).

Steven Beattie made the Javelin a clean sweep event, winning the B with 30.94m and adding 4th in the B 100m (12.33s) and 3rd in the B 400m (53.65s). Our other near perfect event was the 400m Hurdles, where Paddy Clark took 2nd A (59.01s) and John Mulhern 1st B (59.95s).

 Our sprint relay team of John Mulhern, Neale Kelly, Paddy Clark and David Clark did well to place 2nd in 45.45s.

Other results were: David Clark 4th A 100m (11.77s), 5th A 200m (23.29s); John Mulhern 2nd B 200m (23.92s); Euan Urquhart 5th A 400m (53.67s); Allan Ramsay 2nd A 800m (2:00.39); Neale Kelly 2nd A 110m Hurdles (16.63s); Paddy Clark 4th B Long Jump (4.85m); Calum Leask 4th A Shot (8.82m); 4x400m Relay Team (John, Allan, David, Paddy) 4th in 3:35.85.

Thanks to those who helped the manager by officiating, providing transport and encouragement for the team.

The next meeting is at Aberdeen on Sunday 18 May, when we can and must improve the turnout to get into the promotion race. 

Hugh Stevenson


Training Venue Changes - Scotstoun Track reduced to 100m

Due to the upcoming Rugby Sevens competition at Scotstoun and all of the extensive preparations.  We have arranged for alternate training venues for many of our athletes.  The below list will guide you.  If you have any doubts, contact Gordon or Theresa by e-mail.

If you currently pay for access by standing order, you will not have to pay any additional charges at Knightswood or Nethercraigs. 

Juniors & Minors (U11 & U13 age group)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Knightswood Secondary School, Knightswood Road - 7pm - 8:30pm

Juniors Training Group (Trisha's Group)
Tuesday Nights from 7pm - Nethercraigs Track, Corkerhill Road,  Glasgow.
If you are unable to make Nethercraigs you can train at Knightswood with the other training groups.

Sprints & Events Groups (Andy, John, Lynn & Alan's groups)
Will remain at Scotstoun or will be informed by their coach if their venue changes.  More information will be available through their Facebook group: "VP-Glasgow U17+U20".

Gordon's Throws Group
Will remain at Scotstoun meantime.  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm.

Athletes With a Disability
Will remain at Scotstoun meantime.  Wednesday from 7pm.

Charlie Murrays Endurance Group
Will train at Nethercraigs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm.
Nethercraigs Track, Corkerhill Road,  Glasgow.

Special OlympicsSteven Bryce

Congratulations to Steven Bryce who has been selected to represent Great Britain at the Special Olympics in 2014.

The Special Olympics are being held in July 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

Athletes from 170 countries are expected to take part in the event.

Another fantastic achievement Steven, well done.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the experience and share your memories when you return.


GB Vets. CC Championships.
 Sat. 15-03-14.
 Tollcross Park.
 Andy Law        87th.     13thV55.     32:35.

 Alloa Half Marathon.
 Sun. 16-03-14.
 Emma Kay       475th.     27thLady.     1:42.10.

 Glasgow 5k Park run.
 Sat. 22-03-14.
 Clair Thompson     43rd.    2ndLady.     20:35.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Andy Law             15th.     1stV55.       18:47.
 Colin Rae             66th.     55thVet.     22:36.
 Chris Sheridan     87th.                        24:03.

 Glasgow 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 29-03-14.
 John Law              4th.     1stU17.     17:54.
 Clair Thompson   29th.   1stLady.     220:18.

 Victoria Park 5k Park run.
 Fraser McDonald 16th.   1stU14.     20:08.
 Colin Rae             45th.   3rdV45.     22:05.
 Chris Sheridan     67th.                     24:27.
 Rab Daly              84th.   2ndV70.    26:14.
 Lynn Doherty      107th.  37thLady.  28:51.

 Tollcross Park 5k Park Run.
 Emma Kay            39th.    7thLady.   25:48. 

 Scottish Road Relay Championships.
 Sun. 30-03-14.
 24th Team.
 Keiron Rafferty        30th.     18:51.
 Ralph Connolly        40th.     38:03.
 Ken Mitchell            34th.     19:33.
 Duncan Thomson    27th.     34:44.
 Crawford Little        25th.     18:36.
 Peter Jardine           24th.     38:15

 Victoria Park 5k Park run.
 Sat. 05-04-14.
 Daniel Smith               62nd.    2ndU14.     22:19.
 Thomas Connolly        66th.     3rdU14.     22:37.
 Finlay Smith                90th.     4thU14.     23:53.
 Rab Daly                   107th.     1stV70.     25:28.
 Lynn Doherty            147th.    41stLady.   28:49.

 Lochaber Marathon.
 Sat. 06-04-14.
 Fort William.
 Donna Finlayson     32nd.     1stLady.     3:11.32.

 Round The Houses 10k.
 Sun. 06-04-14.
 Ralph Connolly      82nd.     5thV45.     39:39.

 Round The Houses 2k.
 Holly Little               2nd.     1stGirl      7:25.
 Jenna Little             10th.     2ndGirl.    8:00.

 Glasgow 5k Park Run.
 Sat. 12-04-14.
 Clair Thompson       33rd.     2ndLady.     20:28.

 Victoria Park 5k Park Run.
 Rab Daly                  74th.     1stV70.        25:17.

 Tom Scott 10ml.
 Sun. 13-04-14.
 Strathclyde Park.
 Andy Law                  42nd.     3rdV50.     65:08.

 London Marathon.
 Sun. 13-04-14.
 Duncan Thomson          702th.     159thV40.     2:53.56.
 Alex Potter                  2043rd.     129thV50.     3:07.39.
 Mark Ashby                 2568th.     158thV50.     3:12.00.
 Ashling McGhee         6191th.     982ndLady.   3:36.51.
 Christine Catterson    11029th.   142ndVL50.   3:57.29.
 Gerry Craig                 4856th.     677thV40.      3:29.02.
 (Gerry was official pacemaker for 3hrs 30mins. He was 1:44.02 at half way.)
    PS. His pacing was not too bad ??????
 London Mini Marathon. (3mls)
 Craig Jardine           45th.    15:25.
 Gillian Black             10th.    17:10.

Kenny McVey


World Masters Indoor Championships

The 2014 Championships were held in Budapest, Hungary from the 25th till the 30th of March.

Claire Cameron returned with a silver medal in the W55 Discus with a throw of 33.64m.

Claire was also 5th in the W55 Shot Put with a distance of 11.33m

Congratulations Claire.


U18 & U20 Indoor Age Group Championships
Saturday 15th February 2014 – Emirates Arena
Notable performances from the above Championships were as follows:
U20W 60m where the first 3 athletes were all from VP-Glasgow!Mhairi Hendry
Arlene Barr was 1st in a time of 7.88s; Laura McCracken was 2nd in a time of 8.01s and Mhairi Patience was 3rd in a time of 8.16s. 

Mhairi Patience was 1st in the U20W 60m Hurdles in a time of 9.21s.

Reagan Binnie was 2nd in the U18W 400m in a time of 59.73s and Mhairi Hendry was 1st in the U20W 800m in a time of 2.11.11s.

Hollie Lister was 2nd in the U20W High Jump with a height of 1.65m and 3rd in the U20W Long Jump with a distance of 5.35m.

Holly Morgan was 3rd in the U18W Shot Putt with a throw of 9.94m and Katie Ord was 2nd in the U20W Shot Putt with a throw of 9.88m.

Ross Maxwell was 1st in both the U20M 60m and 200m with times of 6.95s and 21.80s respectively.

Christopher Boyle was 3rd in the U18M 800m in a time of 1.58.05s.

Marcus Morton was 2nd in the U20M High Jump with a height of 1.85m.



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